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A look at popular heartworm medicines.

I feel so relieved now. Up until recently the Dogs were being given Nuheart every month to stop heartworms. But lately I have sen them losing weight and it has really had me worried. We assumed, and rightly so , that it was some form of intestinal worms.

They can make animals lose weight as they cannot process their food properly. The answer is as simple as using a worming tablet. But we hate to have to give to many different meds to the Dogs on a regular basis. So instead we decided to switch to using discount Interceptor. And the great thing is that it has cleared up the problem pretty much instantly. Interceptor deals with heartworm issues but it is also one of the few meds that will also treat for intestinal worms at the same time

It means you can keep your pets protected from these two common problems without having to buy expensive de-wormers or give to medications instead of one. It really is a great option and as it is available to buy so cheaply money is not going to be an issue.