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Interceptor No RX               

There is no doubt that Interceptor is one of the most popular heartworm medicines currenlty on offer. And there is now more reason than ever before to buy. Interceptor no RX is now available to buy from some online pet meds stores.

Having recently switched to this option because of the issue of intestinal worms there is no doubt that it works amazingly well. And it gets rid of all the common intestinal worm easily and with no fuss.

The great thing about Interceptor is that it is a nice treat for the Dogs and not any kind of hassle to medicate with. In fact it couldn't be easier. All that you have to do is to offer it to them and they take it straight away. The nice flavor takes care of that. Dogs love it and it really is the simplest thing to use. No more using pills that they seem to do anything to avoid swallowing.

With Interceptor flavor tabs we just offer the medicationa and it is gone instantly. And then we can rest assured that for the next month our pets are at no risk of getting heartworm disease.

If we do this every month of the year then our pets will never be in any danger at all.